BMC 2000


BMC-2000 can be used in smoking cessation programs by healthcare professionals. And it also can be used as a noninvasive method to get %COHb in the patient’s blood and to screen CO poisoned patients by medical man. The small size and light weight make the BMC-2000 ideal for hand held use. It is mainly used in smoking cessation clinics; it is used for instructional purposes to check on the client’s progress and compliance.

Key Feature
⇒ Non-Invasive method to know how much carbon monoxide(CO) poisoned
⇒ Indirect and simple instrument to measure carboxyhemoglobin (COHb) in blood
⇒ Easy to discriminate smoker
⇒ Easy to recognize the degree of CO poisoning (smoking habit)
⇒ Two languages (English, Korean) are provided
⇒ CE certificate of European medical equipment
⇒ Concentration of CO in breath and percentage of COHb in blood are displayed simultaneously
⇒ Adult / Pregnant / Young mode are provided
⇒ Manage analysis data through software

Model : BMC-2000
Measuring gas : CO
Measuring type : Breath through the mouth
Measuring method : Electrochemical cell
Measuring range : 0~100ppm, 0~500ppm
Countdown : 15 seconds
Accuracy : ±5%/Full scale or 1ppm

Hydrogen cross sensitivity : 5~10% / Full scale
Resolution : 1ppm
Parameter Control : Front 3 switch(calibration, maintenance, configuration setting)
Operation mode display : Visual : Graphic LCD Display, LED Indicator Audible : buzzer
Measuring value display : Graphic LCD Display
LED indicator : 7 Steps (Green/Amber/Red)
Reset signal : Auto Power OFF
Mounting type : Pocket, Hand carry
User mode : Adult / Adolescent
Program set mode : Language(Korean, English), Age, Sound, Calibration
Operating temperature : 0ºC ~ +40ºC
Operating humidity : 5 to 95%RH(Non-condensing)
Mouthpiece adapter : D type bacteria filter
Disposable mouthpiece : Diameter 22mm
Material : PC+ABS
LCD size : 50(W) × 30(H)mm
Dimensions : 74(W) × 140(H) × 42(D)mm
Weight : 160g


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