Fixed Type Gas & Flame Detection

Open Path Combustible Gas Detector Quasar 900

Sierra Monitor’s Quasar 900, as manufactured by Spectrex, is an open path gas detection system which provides continuous monitoring for combustible hydrocarbon gases such as Methane and Propane.

The Quasar 900 consists of a Xenon Flash infrared transmitter and infrared receiver, separated over a line of sight from 23 ft. (7 m) up to 650 ft. (200 m).

Using the Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) technique, the Quasar 900 employs “spectral fingerprint” analysis of the atmosphere. These analyses and real-time events can be recorded via the Built-In Event Recorder, which allows the detector to record the last 100 events. This hand-held communication unit can be connected in-situ via the intrinsically safe approved data port for prognostic and diagnostic maintenance. Other features include a heated window to eliminate condensation and icing, HART capability for digital communications, and a compact design.

The Open Path Combustible Gas Detector Quasar 900 is approved and certified by a variety of third party agencies, including FM, ATEX, IECEx, and TUV. These approvals and certifications assure our customers that we carry only the highest quality of products and performance.


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