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There is always a possibility that the plastic/metal drum is punctured with a forklift or any other sharp objects. Don’t waste your valuable time applying putties and absorbents. Introducing the Universal Drum Spill Control Kit which seals the drum instantly under 40 seconds. Even in the metal drums, pitting corrosion is an common issue which can create multiple holes in the drum which leads to spillage of the chemicals or any other hazardous substances stored in the drums. This kit is an easy 3-step solution which does not need any expertize to install. It comes in Two options with PPE’s & without PPE’s.

⇒ EPDM Rubber Seal. [Can be customized as per chemical permeation] & Stainless Steel Backing plate.
⇒ Includes a ratchet strap which works on all surfaces including polyethylene, steel, and stainless steel.
⇒ Just One man Job to install this kit
⇒ 3-step Procedure to stop spill.
⇒ Easy to handle.
⇒ Can stop leakage under 40 seconds
⇒ A Drum Spill Control Kit should be part of any spill plan.)
⇒ In case of leak, the EPDM seal should be placed in the center over the punctured area with pressure to stop the spill instantly.
⇒ PPE’s include Chemical Protection Suit, Gloves, Goggle, & Gumboots.)


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