Fire Alarm System

Beam Detector

Reflective Beam Detector is a reflective infrared beam smoke detector, which must be used together with reflectors. The number of reflector(s) to be used (1 to 4) depends on the distance of coverage from the detector.

With built-in microprocessor, the detector has capabilities of analysis and judgment. The detector can automatically carry out system adjustment & compensation due to variations in ambience data through fixed algorithm.

The detectors can be used with all major brands of Conventional Fire Alarm Panels.

⇒ Hassle free alignment, using built-in digital guide display with Laser Beam
⇒ Auto-compensation for weaken receiving signals
⇒ Fire & Fault Interfacing Relay Output
⇒ Users’ programmable sensitivity
⇒ Self-diagnostic for internal faults
⇒ Designed in compliance to EN 54-12: 2002 Standards
⇒ LPCB Approved


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