Fixed Type Gas & Flame Detection

DT Tox

Electrochemical type
4 to 20 mA gas transmitter for detection of toxic gases and vapours. The DTEx is an explosion proof gas detector for continuous monitoring of toxic gases and vapors in ambient air, the transmitter uses industry standard three wire analog technology and converts the signal from a electrochemical sensor to 4-20mA signal that is proportional to the actual gas concentration. The unit is designed for  one man calibration and easy to operate. The toxic gas sensing head can be used in safety and engineering applications for oil and gas platforms, chemicals and petrochemical plants and other facilities where toxic gases are used.


Type: Explosion proof transmitter
Measurement Principle Electrochemical type  
Gases and Range: For All toxic gases, range as per gas 
Repeatability: < ± 2%
Response Time: T90  < 20 second 
Accuracy:  2% of full scale
Ambient Temperature: -40ºC to +55ºC 
Humidity: 90 % RH Non-condensing
Enclosure: Transmitter Material Metal Alloy (LM6) | Sensor Enclosure Stainless steel SS 316 
Connecting  thread: ½” NPT or ¾" NPT 
Weight (JB) : Approx 1 Kg
Size:   (JB) 148 x 148 x 100 (W x H x D)
Ingress protection IP 65 
Optional: LCD Display 
Relay Output (Alarm 1, Alarm 1 & Fault)
Approval : For Sensor : ATEX

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