Control System


SI-100IM consists of a Main Alarm unit and Alarm display units. From the one main unit, the alarm display unit can be constructed from 1 to 36 units. SI-100IM is designed as DIN type, so the device can be manufactured in the wall mount panel type, Standalone type, or 19"Rack type according to a user's preference.

⇒ Sophisticated design and simple structure
⇒ 4 Digit F.N.D Digital Display
⇒ 40 LED Bar Graph (%, PPM, LEL unit display)
⇒ Fault, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Alarm Icon
⇒ 40 Red Arrow LED Graph Display
⇒ Easy zero and standard gas calibration
⇒ Self Diagnosis mode
⇒ Display the frequency of calibration
⇒ Back-up Battery installed
⇒ Data Recovery function

Model Main Alarm Unit
Model No SI-100IM
Measuring range 0-30V FND Digital Display
Measuring Display 4Digit FND Digital Display
18 LED Bar Graph, Battery, B/Z Stop (V Unit Display)
Alarm Display Fault, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Alarm ICON
AU01~AU10 (Alarm Unit, indicating in order)
Alarm Sound Buzzer 92dB
Input Signal Output Signal 1st, 2nd, 3rd Relay Dry Contact, 12V. DC
Alarm Set depend on configuration of SI-100IA
Alarm Reset Manual Total Reset & HMI
Self Test Battery Test Switch (AC/DC)
Scan Time 10ms
Back-Up Battery Ni-Cd Battery 18V 600mA (3,6 Channel)
Operating Power 110/220V.AC 50/60Hz (or 24V.DC)
Temperature / Humidity -20ºC ~ 60ºC, 95%RH
Dimensions Main Channel Card : 40(W) × 130(H) x104(D)mm
Operating in/out RS-485 Modbus (SI-100ICU)_Option
Total Weight & Dimensions
3CH : 7.3kg, 6CH : 10kg
Wall Mount Panel 3CH : 278.5(W) × 450(H) x 115(D)mm
Wall Mount Panel 6CH : 398.5(W) × 450(H) x 115(D)mm
Option Built-in light bar


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