Fixed Type Gas & Flame Detection

Solid State Combustible and CO Gas Sensor 4100-XX

Sierra Monitor’s 4100-XX module is a simple gas sensor module with a 4-20 mA output signal to detect various combustible gases and Carbon Monoxide (CO).

The 4100-XX module is based on solid state (semiconductor) technology, a simple and robust method of detection capable of detecting low points-per-million (ppm) levels of gases.

Utilizing the solid state MOS (metal oxide semiconductor) technology, the 4100-XX module has a long life cycle and fast response times. The 4100-XX module provides a non-linear 4-20 mA output signal that can interface with the Sentry Controller or other linearizing controllers/indicators. Curves and linearizing equations can be provided for a specific gas and sensor to enable the operation of these sensor modules with other brand controllers. Also, these modules can be calibrated with the gas of interest or with methane or Carbon Monoxide. Thus, the user does not have to obtain a special calibration gas.


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