G7 Multigas Detector with Pump


⇒ Connected, full-feature multi-gas detector with a powerful internal pump
⇒ Pump cartridge enables businesses to perform pre-entry checks for confined spaces or search for leaks, with up to 30m (100 feet) of tubing
⇒ Comprehensive confined space entry and leak check workflows
⇒ Cellular and satellite connectivity options • GPS shows worker’s location or device location if misplaced
⇒ Improved evacuation management with direct, enhanced communication and visibility capabilities
⇒ Extensive gas sensor portfolio
⇒ Improved and more accurate LEL detection through broad-spectrum, poison-immune sensor
⇒ User-changeable pump and diffusion operating modes
⇒ Interchangeable, pre-calibrated sensor cartridges to minimize downtime
⇒ Automated fall, no-motion and overdue check-in alarms
⇒ Optional two-way voice or push-to-talk functionality (cellular version only)
⇒ Two or three-year warranty on hardware and sensors
⇒ Extended warranty available
⇒ Real-time visibility and centralized access to data with Blackline Live and reporting with Blackline Analytics


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