Detection Technology Pvt. Ltd is a company specializing in Gas and Fire Detection and Suppression system. The team has an overall experience of 30 years in providing consultancy, designing, manufacturing and executing turnkey projects for the safety of Indian industries. We provide engineered safety solutions to following market segment:

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We provide full service and repair facilities at our Workshop for any make of gas detection. Calibration contracts for Portable Gas detection equipment is undertaken. Calibration is back up by National traceable Gas Composition Certification from reputed manufacturer.


Detection Technology takes up Annual Maintenance and Service contracts of all leading brands of Fire and Gas detection and suppression system irrespective of its make.

A comprehensive range of service options is available to meet the needs of a large and varied range of customer requirements. Basic and advanced training in the use and maintenance of our instruments can be arranged at customer sites. All monitoring instrumentation and safety devices need regular maintenance and calibration to ensure that they are in full operating condition.

We offer full service and repair facilities at customer sites for our full range of fixed and portable Gas detection equipment. Complete support of existing systems. We can also undertake the servicing and support of all leading brad and safety systems; even when you don’t have a support contract with us.


Benefit for Gas detection users they can now choose to outsource part or all of Service & Maintenance function in order to reduce fixed costs and at the same time ensure that people with specialist knowledge of the equipment are involved in it. We are committed !!through contractual agreements, to have this type of equipment in use and regularly maintained. Gas detection and its associated costs constitute a significant investment by the user. Like any other capital investment, routine maintenance is essential to ensure optimum performance, reliability and extended operational life.

After all the safety is first


We provide turnkey solution includes Installation & commissioning hand over to end user with full satisfaction of safety system


Giving the support you need to select the right system for your specific application Choosing and integrating the right gas detection system is essential. Our expertise’s are on hand to assist with application engineering, ensuring any system you choose is optimised for your specific requirements and processes.

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