Fixed Type Gas & Flame Detection

Single IR Flame Detector 3600-R

Sierra Monitor’s 3600-R flame detector monitors hydrocarbon-based fuel and gas fires using advanced flame analysis tools.

The 3600-R uses infrared (IR) technology, a reliable design that provides early warning of flaming fires and immunity to false alarms from IR sources such as sunlight and IR projectors.

The 3600-R is the most durable and weather resistant single IR flame detector currently on the market. Using IR technology, the 3600-R monitors the heat radiation generated by fire and open flames with a response time of roughly 5 seconds. Other features include a heated window to eliminate condensation and icing, HART and Modbus capabilities for digital communications, low power requirements, and a compact design. Some applications that could use the 3600-R include oil and gas processing plants, chemical plants, telecommunication sites, and warehouses.

The Single IR Flame Detector 3600-R is approved and certified by a variety of third party agencies, including FM, ATEX, IECEx, TUV, and CSA. These approvals and certifications assure our customers that we carry only the highest quality of products and performance.

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